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Summer Program 2014
This summer features three programs that are available online.  If you haven’t participated in an online class before, it has some strong advantages over in-person presentations, notably that nobody has to travel anywhere.  Additionally they are easy to record and save and refer to in the future.  Registration is on Eventbrite, payment is linked to PayPal, and the class itself is conducted from GoTo Meeting.  All information you need will contain a link from Eventbrite or be e-mailed to you before the class.  It’s easy!

Dialogue of Self & Soul with Joseph Crane

Dialogue of Self and Soul
Online Presentation by
Joseph Crane
Wednesday, July 16, 6:30-8:30 PM EDT


Stock Photo #2058-293, Cosmic MandalaTashichho DzongThimphuBhutan

This program examines notions of identity, life purpose, and transcendence as they show themselves in modern literature and as they manifest ambivalently in our own lives. We will approach this mostly through the late work of William Butler Yeats and his poem “Dialogue of Self and Soul”. Yeats provides us with contrasting themes that provide tremendous open space for our understanding of who we are. We then look at psychological development and structure of “self” and at “soul” as a lifetime achievement. How do we actualize and strengthen “self” and “soul” to live the best life we can? 


(After July 16 contact me for an audio/video recording of this presentation)

Human ExcellenceHuman Excellence
Online presentation by Joseph Crane
August 13, 2014 6:30-8:30 PM EDT

Let's participate in a discussion that's thousands of years old -- what is human excellence, what are its qualities and how can these qualities be developed?  Do they differ for different people?  We will critically examine different depictions of "virtues" or "character strengths" from tradional and modern psychology and see how they apply to enriching our lives.
This presentation and discussion follows up on the previous talk "Dialogue of Self and Soul" and shows how both self and soul can be fulfilled for us.

The Reflective Life
Online Presentation by Joseph Crane   

The Reflective Life with Joseph CraneHaving lost so many of the natural rhythms of life to the modern lifestyle, we are too left with an alternation between frenzied activity and mental and physical fatigue and collapse.  In this talk, psychotherapist and philosopher Joseph Crane uses the image of reflection to illustrate proper balance between activity and rest, outer involvement and inner development. We will use historical, biographical, and modern psychology to move beyond the false contrasts of extravert and introvert, between activity and contemplation, to help us strengthen our native outer and inner resources in order to live more fulfilled lives.

(Originally presented in June 2014; contact me for information about receiving the audio/video recording.)

Over the past 20 years, the Astrology Institute has provided astrological instruction, consultations, and research to the worldwide astrological community.  Our focus is a study of astrology within its historical and cultural contexts. Additionally, we strive toward the integration of astrology and psychology and of modern and traditional psychological and spiritual perspectives. 


Even if you’ve seen a professional astrologer in the past or you are one yourself, you may benefit from a different perspective. It is also helpful to have your chart updated periodically. If you are interested in looking at or discussing your astrological chart, see our Astrology Sessions page for more information about how to set up an appointment.


We have developed tutorial options to meet the particular needs and inclinations of our students while maintaining a cohesive astrological program. Visit our Learn Astrology page for more information about these programs. Students can start at the beginning by learning and applying basic skills. More advanced students can further develop their style of chart synthesis and interpretation, deepen their knowledge of astrology and its culture, and receive ongoing help in working with clients.

In addition, we produce a monthly newsletter with astrological profiles of well-known people as well as general information about upcoming events and programs.


Over the years, we have published astrological books & treatises on astrology’s techniques within the context of history and culture. Visit our Articles page to see a sample of our published work.

2012 features two new contributions to astrology by Joseph Crane and Dorian Greenbaum Visit our Publications page for our newest books.

Between Fortune and Providence: Astrology and the Universe in Dante’s Divine Comedy    By Joseph Crane
Published by Wessex Astrologer  read more.......

Kepler’s Astrology-  Edited by Dorian Greenbaum
Culture and Cosmos, Volume 14   read more.....

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