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“Liberating Uranus and Aquarius (From Each Other)”

Article by Joseph Crane, January 2015

Many astrologers within our lifetimes have correlated signs, planets, and houses in ways that have brought confusion to astrology and distorted the range of its application. This article is the second in a series of three articles on the modern planets and how they have been assigned, inappropriately, as rulers of different signs. The fixed air Aquarius belongs with its traditional ruler, dirunal Saturn; Uranus is something entirely different from Saturn and Aquarius. Read More.......


2015 Courses

Character, Karma, and Calling: Astrologies of Soul

A three-part program from Kepler College, conducted by Joseph Crane and Enid Newberg

This program is divided into three courses of five classes, each one exploring a different feature of soul and its relationship to astrology.  In each course, we begin with a wisdom tradition from the past and then we move into the modern era and its astrology.  We separate the three courses by three basic ways of thinking about soul.

This program introduces you to a range of perspectives on soul and their application to living the Good Life.  This may be helpful to your astrological counseling and perhaps also to you.

Part Two: “Calling and the Soul's Transformation”

Five Thursdays, beginning February 4, 2015
8:30-10:30 PM ET/
5:30-7:30 PM PT

Is there a connection between our soul, the larger universe, and our calling in life? Can astrology tell us anything about our soul and our calling? A common thread in many of their writings is that our sense of meaning is intimately connected with ideas about soul and its connection to the universe.

Students will see how astrology’s symbols have been used to illustrate our spiritual journey into a larger world and get a sense of our larger purposes in life.Students will also explore their own beliefs as they consider what ancient and contemporary writers and astrologers have said about the soul in external environments and how we conduct our everyday lives.
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Coming in Spring 2015:
The Third Course, “The Recurring and Evolving Soul”

It begins in ancient India and takes soul through many lifetimes, based on Karma.  The idea of karma and multiple lifetimes has had an enormous impact on astrology from the theosophical movement to evolutionary astrology today.  We will say what these movements tell us about soul and its movements from lifetime to lifetime.

Last Fall (2014), the First Course:  Psyche and Character

Our investigation began in the ancient world that saw soul as body and mind, as breath and life force, as our basic nature that outlives the body, and as the self that reveals itself to others.  Here are the beginning investigations of character and “the Good Life” that manifested in a complete psychological astrology.  We also explored the modern concepts of “unconscious” and “ego” and the contributions of modern astrology.

New Profile - January 2015

Martin Luther King (1929-1968)

Today we know Martin Luther King mostly for the heady days of the Civil Rights movement in the early 1960’s and for a few lines of his “I Have a Dream” speech of August 1963, and we easily forget his struggles and those difficult final years in which he attempted to move beyond race relations and look at more universal issues of poverty and social disadvantage, and to speak out against the Vietnam War years before it was fashionable . What is his astrological chart like? Read More.......


December 2014: Two New Articles by Joseph Crane

A Planet and Its Visibility – Does It Matter?

Most modern astrologers don’t bother considering planets and their visibility conditions, but there are major differences between those planets we can see and those we need a telescope to see – the modern planets Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, all the asteroids and many other planetary bodies within our solar system.  For planets that we see, does our astrology change when they are hidden within the beams of the Sun? Read More.......

Firmicus Maternus Mathesis: A Glance at Book I.

Part Two of a Series, based on James Holden’s translation

Now we begin to examine the astrology in the Mathesis by the third century Roman Firmicus Maternus, focusing on Book I and its discussion of the range of astrology and the issues of higher mind, the stars, and "fatalism".  We look at the effects of the planets on groups and individuals.

Read More........  

The Reflective Life

Online Presentation by Joseph Crane   

The Reflective Life with Joseph CraneHaving lost so many of the natural rhythms of life to the modern lifestyle, we are too left with an alternation between frenzied activity and mental and physical fatigue and collapse.  In this talk, psychotherapist and philosopher Joseph Crane uses the image of reflection to illustrate proper balance between activity and rest, outer involvement and inner development. We will use historical, biographical, and modern psychology to move beyond the false contrasts of extravert and introvert, between activity and contemplation, to help us strengthen our native outer and inner resources in order to live more fulfilled lives.

(Originally presented in June 2014; contact me for information about receiving the audio/video recording.)

Over the past 20 years, the Astrology Institute has provided astrological instruction, consultations, and research to the worldwide astrological community.  Our focus is a study of astrology within its historical and cultural contexts. Additionally, we strive toward the integration of astrology and psychology and of modern and traditional psychological and spiritual perspectives. 


Even if you’ve seen a professional astrologer in the past or you are one yourself, you may benefit from a different perspective. It is also helpful to have your chart updated periodically. If you are interested in looking at or discussing your astrological chart, see our Astrology Sessions page for more information about how to set up an appointment.


We have developed tutorial options to meet the particular needs and inclinations of our students while maintaining a cohesive astrological program. Visit our Learn Astrology page for more information about these programs. Students can start at the beginning by learning and applying basic skills. More advanced students can further develop their style of chart synthesis and interpretation, deepen their knowledge of astrology and its culture, and receive ongoing help in working with clients.

In addition, we produce a monthly newsletter with astrological profiles of well-known people as well as general information about upcoming events and programs.


Over the years, we have published astrological books & treatises on astrology’s techniques within the context of history and culture. Visit our Articles page to see a sample of our published work.

2012 features two new contributions to astrology by Joseph Crane and Dorian Greenbaum Visit our Publications page for our newest books.

Between Fortune and Providence: Astrology and the Universe in Dante’s Divine Comedy    By Joseph Crane
Published by Wessex Astrologer  read more.......

Kepler’s Astrology-  Edited by Dorian Greenbaum
Culture and Cosmos, Volume 14   read more.....

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