The Recurring and Evolving Soul in Astrology

Posted on Mar 25, 2016 in Articles, Articles & Profiles, Featured, Uncategorized | 1 comment

Soul as karma explores what incarnates from lifetime to lifetime. Ideas of rebirth had some traction in the ancient western world has recent expressions in the modern era in different types of spiritual astrology.

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Calling and the Soul’s Transformations

Posted on Jan 11, 2016 in Articles, Events, Featured | 2 comments

Soul as calling recognizes the deep connection between our individual lives and the larger world in which we live. Course at Kepler College begins Thursday January 26 2017 at 7 PM/ED and 4 PM/PT

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The Winter Solstice Season and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

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The Gawain poem, a meditation on the possibilities and limitations on the extent of human goodness and on the relationship between outer disposition (and reputation) and inner character, uses as its background the tribulations and renewal of the winter solstice holiday season.

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Probing Pluto and Scorpio, Clarifying Neptune and Pisces

Posted on Sep 12, 2015 in Articles, Featured | 1 comment

Completing the job of severing outer planets and the signs they allegedly rule, we attain a more profound understanding of both the signs Scorpio and Pisces and the planets Pluto and Neptune.

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Ptolemy’s Digression: Astrology’s Aspects and Musical Intervals

Posted on Jul 19, 2008 in Articles, Featured | 0 comments

Explores a half-hidden musical rationale for the conventional ancient astrological aspects that appears in Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos I. The number relationships between the aspects do not follow arithmetical patterns so much as the diatonic scale, showing how planets can come into contact based upon their distances from one another.

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