Astrologies of Soul: Character

Odysseus and the Underworld

Odysseus and the Underworld

Begins October 13, 2016

Thursdays evenings beginning at 5:30 pm Pacific Time

Online at Kepler College, presented by Enid Newberg and Joseph Crane

In an extended conversation we explore early dimensions of soul and find out how soul, psyche and astrological psychology are entwined. 

Ancient Greece and India saw soul as body and mind, as breath and life force, as the basic living nature that connects with the physical but cannot be reduced to the physical.

Soul is also the self that reveals itself to others. In this course we look at why we say someone has a “good” or “bad” soul and how the cracks and breaks in soul may express themselves as “character flaws.” It’s also our first opportunity to explore the critical issue of the soul guide or daimon that lays the foundation of our life’s journey.

These ideas add up to different version of Good Living from ancient psychology that carried over into its astrology.  This yields a psychological astrology, surprisingly up-to-date, that can enliven and deepen our astrological interpretation.

Since concepts from India have also been a strong influence in how we view the soul, we will also take a short excursion eastward to look at the subtle body and the subtle energies midway between body and soul.

Topics include:

  • Breath, Life and the Heroic Soul
  • Tantra and Yoga: Eastern Dimensions of Body and Soul
  • Soul’s Relationship to Body and Astrology’s Planets
  • Soul, the Virtuous Life, and Astrology
  • Ego, Soul, and Self in Modern Astrology and Psychology

This is the first course of a yearly series of three courses on soul: the other two explore the soul as Calling and Karma.

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