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Event: Astrological Symbolism and the Spiritual Journey

StarrynightSaturday October 1, 2016

10:30-4 PM

Wayland, MA

Presenter: Joseph Crane

Has contemporary astrology lost its sense of spirituality as a journey?  Perhaps I should say “adventure”, like the original meaning of that word, a path with obstacles, reversals, pitfalls and chasms and times of inspiration and rejoicing.  Some contemporary Buddhist teachers refer to the spiritual journey as a continual unmasking or “a series of overlapping defeats.”  Yet we persevere and this gives our lives richness and a sense of larger purpose.

This workshop will be an extended discussion of the astrological signs and planets – and a bit about the houses – that will allow us to see them layered with meaning and with profound implications for the human spirit.

If we go back a generation or two we find many examples of the spiritual journey expressed through astrological symbolism.  We begin with Alice Bailey’s recasting of the Twelve Labors of Hercules as stages a universal spiritual path that corresponds to the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac.  Dane Rudhyar, who was strongly influenced by Bailey, wrote similarly of the Twelve Signs as “Gifts of the Spirit”.

Aquarius-basreliefDane Rudhyar’s Astrological Triptych also portrays the astrological planets as a gradual movement from the isolated self to the galaxy, to a widening vision to the collapse of the old self to the acquisition of the body and mind of divinity.

Cost: $70

To register and for location and directions, contact Joseph at or (401) 527-2035.



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