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Event: The Recurring and Evolving Soul in Astrology

This course considers the individual’s karma and the soul’s movement through many lifetimes in the context of astrological practice. We explore the contributions from ancient India and Greece and the modern Theosophy movement and their implications for astrology through lifetimes.  We will take a comparative and critical look at many version of spiritual astrology in the modern world, from Leo through Bailey and  Rudhyar to Forrest and Green.  Greatest detail will be on the work of Alice Bailey.  We will see many ways to apply the idea of the soul’s incarnations to astrological delineation and practice.

soul-leaving-the-bodySome of the ideas we will consider include a look at the Western encounters with the East on a philosophical, religious and cultural level; the two “M’s” – how Western magic plus Eastern metaphysics = 19th and 20th C New Age Movements; the synthesis of theosophy and astrology and the growth of the esoteric approach to astrology; contemporary beliefs in reincarnation and their astrological implications and applications

Here are some of our topics.

  • Multiple lifetimes in ancient Eastern and Western thought. Encounters with Indian philosophy and culture, its impact on the west and on astrology
  • West finds East: roots of the 19th century theosophical movement, its philosophy of evolving reincarnation. It’s sizable influence on astrology.
  • Alice Bailey’s use of astrological symbolism to depict personal and world transformation.
  • Dane Rudhyar’s individual and “galactic” levels of humanity
  • Today’s astrology: Outer planets and extra planets, Lunar Nodes; Spiritual and Evolutionary Astrology.




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