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Modes of Relating: Leadership and Love in Astrology

One-day Workshop

September 21, 10-4

58-60 Medford St, Arlington Ma. (up front stairs on the left)

The astrological chart contains information about many features of our lives: work and calling, outlook toward the world and toward others, gifts and vulnerabilities, and different kinds of relationship.   Here we look at being a leader and varieties of love and romance. How could we or do we act as a leader and guide for others?  How do we overcome neediness and become truly creative in our relationships.

Of course we’ll begin with the autumn equinox and its significance for astrology.

We’ll then delve into the varieties of leadership in our culture: the inspirational or heroic, pragmatic or problem-solving, imperial or transactional.  There are many example charts to consider, all of whom will be familiar to you.

In the afternoon we’ll discuss one uses the astrological chart to discuss romantic relationships, an area we’ve been sometimes fooled by, sometimes illuminated.  We’ll survey a sample chart or two and then look at volunteer participants’ charts – gingerly.  We know how different it can be between who we’re attracted to and who we wind up being with, how love can be needy or “clutch” or manifesting the best of who we are and what our human lives are all about. 

For more information or to register, contact Joseph at or Carmen Dominguez at

Joseph Crane, M.A. has been an astrologer, teacher, and writer on astrology since the late 1980’s. Joseph has taught training programs on astrological technique as well as counseling skills. He has lectured on ancient and modern astrological techniques and connecting astrology with works of literature and philosophy.  Joseph is the author of A Practical Guide to Traditional Astrology (1997), Astrological Roots: The Hellenistic Legacy (2007), and Between Fortune and Providence: Astrology and the Universe in Dante’s Divine Comedy (2012).  He has also written a number of articles in astrological technique, ancient understanding and practice of astrology, and the relationship between astrology and literature.


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