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Autumn Program 2019: Astrology and Human Excellence

We imagine ourselves having more of certain qualities, because that’s part of being human.  What is the role of astrology, properly applied?

Human excellence – what is it and why do we want it? Because we do seek excellence and we feel guilty about not having it. Many modern astrologers have turned to the spiritual aspects of astrology in search of human excellence. Others focus on psychology. Astrology gives some practical and personal answers, uniquely as our individual astrological charts.

In this program, Joseph Crane will explore the varieties of human excellence and how the seven visible planets represent differing sets of values, character strengths, and vulnerabilities. We’ll explore and apply the solar hero and king, the mercurial tactician, the communal Jupiter and the contemplative Saturn, and more. What is the contribution of the outer planets? We’ll use traditional and modern perspectives and astrological techniques.

The goal is for participants to understand how planetary and personal strengths can be used to solve problems and reach your goals.



  1. Wondering about the when and where of this event.

    • Ah — it will most likely happen this autumn with Kepler College. This summer for Kepler I’ll be doing Astrology and Family Patterns and one on Vocation and Purpose, followed by History of Astrology with the IAA. Otherwise it’s going to be a quiet rest of the year.

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