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Psyche and Soul: The Astrology of Identity and Character

Odysseus and the Underworld
Odysseus and the Underworld

Begins May 14, 2020

Thursdays evenings beginning at 8:00 PM Eastern Time, 5:o0 pm Pacific Time

Online at Kepler College, presented by Enid Newberg and Joseph Crane

In an extended conversation we explore early dimensions of soul and find out how soul, psyche and astrological psychology are entwined. 

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This course for astrologers and astrology students investigates some key issues that are frequently encountered in consulting astrology.

Why do we say someone is a “good soul” and how is it that the cracks and breaks in soul express in “character flaws”? We also explore what diminishes, or even kills soul – and how it can come back to life. These ideas form the bedrock of “the good life” and how we can act in harmony with all of ourselves and with the larger world.

Why is this important? Because much of the time people consult their astrologers because their present lives feel on the wrong track, unfulfilled. How can we help them use their astrological chart to understand themselves and their possibilities for this lifetime? This necessitates that we step back and think through what is meant by psyche and identity, individual and cultural.

The course draws core material from the ancient world that saw the soul or psyche in a variety of perspectives: body and mind together, animating breath and life force, a basic form that may exist alongside and may outlive the body, or as an identity that reveals itself to others and lives among others in the larger world. Psyche and soul also represented states of being and were used to express an immortal essence transcending our personal identities.

We also live among others in communities, to the local to the global. Ancient ideas of the good life have much to inform us. This yields a psychological astrology, surprisingly up-to-date, that can enliven and deepen our astrological practice.

Through five weeks of live meetings, and a course site with written discussion forums to continue the conversations started during the live meetings as well as readings and videos, students will grow their understanding of how astrology incorporates these concepts and how this understanding can enliven and deepen astrological interpretation.

Topics covered include:

  1. Matters of Life and Death: Psyche, Zombies, Ghosts, and Ancestors”: Astrology’s Luminaries and Angles
  2. How Soul Weakens and Dies and how it Heals
  3. Body and Soul, Temperament and the Rhythms of Life
  4. In the Community: Human Flourishing in the Larger World
  5. Ego and Self in Modern Psychology and Astrology

We aim to engage in meaningful conversation, generate exploration and contemplation, and to offer astrologers further tools for meaningful interpretation.

This is the first course of a series of three courses on soul: the other two explore the soul as Calling and Karma.

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