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Psyche and Soul: Foundations of Character

Odysseus and the Underworld
Odysseus and the Underworld

Begins autumn 2021 for Five weeks

Tuesday evenings beginning at 8:00 PM Eastern Time, 5:00 pm Pacific Time

Online at Kepler College, presented by Enid Newberg and Joseph Crane

In an extended conversation we explore early dimensions of soul and find out how soul, psyche and astrological psychology are entwined. 

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This course for astrologers and astrology students investigates some key issues that are frequently encountered in consulting astrology: What is the bedrock of “the good life”? What help can we glean from our astrology chart in our effort to create harmony within ourselves and with the larger world.

It is common for people to talk about having a character flaw or tell their children to stay away from someone because they have a bad character. But what do we mean by character? What part of character is fixed and what can we change? How can we use astrology to discuss character and its cracks and breaks in a way that helps our own life’s journey as well as that of our clients? These questions are linked to what diminishes or even kills soul – and how it comes back to life.

People often consult with an astrologer because they feel that their present lives are on the wrong track, unfulfilled. As astrologers our goal is to help them use their astrological chart to understand their possibilities for this lifetime. This action necessitates that we step back and think through what is meant by psyche and identity, individually and culturally.

This course does not claim to offer all the answers. Our goal is to engage together in meaningful conversation, generate exploration and contemplation, and to offer additional astrological tools for meaningful interpretation.  Of particular interest will be the seven visible planets. We will explore natal delineation from the solar and lunar perspectives of character development as well an individual’s interaction with others and their culture as we move from Mercury through Saturn.

Here is what we have planned:

  1. Matters of Life and Death.  This week looks at the crossing of boundaries: ghosts, zombies, ancestors, saints, and journeys to the Underworld or Afterlife. How do these impact the deeper symbolism of the Sun and Moon?
  2. Soul Defeat and Comeback.  In this week we will discuss affliction, trauma, and the many ways we lose our path, as well as how we can find healing and greater completeness.
  3. Moon and the Rhythms of Life: This week explores soul as form, or, from an astrological perspective, the many ways Moon and body connect.  We will explore the differences between temperament, character and personality, and they form foundations for how we live our lives.
  4. In the Community: Human Flourishing in the Larger World. Week four looks at “planetary excellence.” How can we fulfill our potential within traditional depictions of the five starry planets as well as their manifestation within modern positive psychology. This yields a psychological astrology, surprisingly up-to-date, that can enliven and deepen our astrological practice.
  5. Ego and Self in Modern Psychology and Astrology. The final week looks at contributions from the Romantic Era and more contemporary Freudian and Jungian perspectives.  We look at concepts of the embattled self as the central point of a mandala that includes conscious and unconscious factors.

Each of the five weeks has a 2-hour live online meeting. There are also multiple resources within a course site, along with written discussion forums to continue the conversations that get started when we meet together. Through these activities, as well as additional readings and videos, students will grow their understanding of how astrology incorporates these concepts to help deepen their astrological understanding and client work.

We aim to engage in meaningful conversation, generate exploration and contemplation, and to offer astrologers further tools for meaningful interpretation.

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