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Jupiter and Saturn, Broader and Deeper

Joseph Crane and Enid Newberg

Kepler College

February 8, 15, 22

In February, we will explore together the underlying mythologies and legends of Jupiter and Saturn, how astrologers have read these two planets over the centuries, and how to assess their relative placements and interactions with each other.

The significations and applications of Jupiter and Saturn are both broad and deep, and we endeavor to do justice to planets. As the two outermost visible planets, they can symbolize our varied responses to the world around us and our place within it. While Jupiter tends toward joining and flourishing within the larger world, Saturn limits and excludes, keeps its own dark counsel, but like Jupiter takes us to larger horizons than the merely personal. Jupiter and Saturn themes of inclusion and exclusion sometimes collaborate and sometimes contrast with each other in our astrological charts and in our lives.  

We will use many example charts, including historical and contemporary figures.  Since we have strong influences from Jupiter and Saturn, we will include our charts and invite you to include your own or those who are familiar to you.

Beginning and intermediate students are both welcome.


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